Woolley Aid Station Directions

Mile 4 Aid Station: Drive east on Highway 20 make a right on Hoehn Road  The Trail is about ½ mile ~1 block past Minkler Road/Hoehn Road Intersection.Woolley Mile 4 ½ Marathon Turnaround, 6.6 miles Aid Station:  Drive down Highway 20 to Nicholson Road, follow until you have to go right or left on Lyman-Hamilton Road, choose left; then make the first right on Robinson Road the trail is about 2 blocks down Robinson Road. Nicholson Road and Robinson Road from Highway 20 to Lyman-Hamilton Road are one-way streets.  Nicholson Road is south bound only and Robinson Road is north bound only.Woolley half marathon
Mile 10:  Highway 20, make a right on Lyman-Hamilton Road follow to the second Cockerham Island Road this is a big loop. This trail is very close to Lyman-Hamilton Road, as soon as you exit Lyman-Hamilton Road you will climb a monster hill, the trail is directly off a foot bridge. (We will not have an aid station here this year)Woolley Mile 10
Trail Detour 11.3 miles:  This section of the trail runners will be detoured onto the road as the bridge is washed out on Lyman-Hamilton Road.  Follow Highway 20 until you cross the section of the trail that crosses Highway 20. Make the first right on Cape Horn/Lyman- Hamilton road, and go towards Lyman (west) about 1 mile. You will see a big lagoon on both sides of the road. The bridge is washed out over the lagoon. We need to direct participants onto Lyman-Hamilton road for about 1 block.Woolley Trail Detour
Marathon Turnaround, 13.15 miles Aid Station:  Nelson Lane off Highway 20, on the north side of the road.
Woolley Marathon
50K Turnaround, 15.7 mile Aid Station:  Grandy Lane off of Highway 20, on the north side of the road. This is about 1/8th of a mile west of the Baker Lake Road. Directly across from Grandy Lane is a blue sign that says “Camping Next Right”.
Woolley 50k

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