Fairhaven Park in Bellingham, Washington

Thursday, December 31st 2016

7:00 am Check In
8:00 am Early Start (see info below)
9:00 am Official Start
4:00 pm Course Closes

Volunteers are needed for this event! If you’re interested please sign up by clicking here.

OK, here is your Last Chance to run a 1/2 marathon or full marathon this year! The 1/2 marathon course is an out and back and the full marathon course is the same out and back course two times, starting at Fairhaven Park Pavillion, running the Interurban trail out to Clayton Beach for the full 13.1 miles or 26.2.

Course is subject to change if trail conditions mandate.

This trail has spectacular views and very few hills, just enough hills to make it interesting and break up the flat sections. FYI: We have been known to have SNOW this time of the year so plan accordingly. The majority of this trail is covered with a canopy of trees which deflects some of the rain or snow, but this also means it doesn’t heat as fast as an open course would. It can get cold. The majority of the trail is an old railroad bed, very easy to run on gravel surface, with the exception of Arroyo Park. Arroyo Park is 3/4 of a mile, double track trail with a few bridges and a few fun hills. It is a very well maintained set of trails.

The bathrooms at Fairhaven Park will be unlocked as well as the warm heated Pavillion.

You should plan on being self-sufficient and carrying your own water and aid. The 1st aid station on the course is ~ 3.5 miles into the race off Chuckanut Crest Drive. In the 1/2 marathon you will run by this aid station twice, and 4 times in the full marathon.  There will be an aid station at the turn around Larrabee State Park, Clayton Beach Parking Lot, which you will access once in the 1/2 marathon and twice in the full marathon. We will also have an aid station at the start/finish so full 1/2 marathoners will have 3 chances to refill their water bottles and get aid, about every 3 to 3.5 miles, & marathoners will have 7 chances to refill their water bottles and get aid.  We will have water, an electrolyte drink and other snacks at the aid stations.  Usually we put some type of candy like candy corn, gummy bears, bananas, pretzels, typical ultra style foods. You won’t go hungry!
Keep an eye on the website for any changes to the event. Finishers will receive a Last Chance coin/medal similar to the quality of the Woolley Runs coin.  We will provide food at the end like all the NW Ultra events.  While all your friends are recovering from their hang over and resting up before the evening’s festivities, you’ll be burning calories and ready to PARTY hardy knowing you’ve already burned off that extra beer or two, or three.



Unisex Tech shirts are available for an additional $20
Orders must be placed by 12/1



Registration is done exclusively through Databar Events prior to the event.The race is capped at 250 participants, and unless the cap is met early. Registration will close on Databar Events the evening of December 29th.  If any spots are open we may allow registration the morning of the race.  Since runners will pick up their bibs within a short amount of time, and we want the race to start on time, we would really like everyone to register prior to race day, and show up at least 45 minutes prior to their start time.

Elevation gain on in the 1/2 Marathon is about 1700′ and the Marathon is about 3400′ gain.  The majority of the gain is in the 3/4 mile section through Arroyo Park. The 1st few miles on the Interurban are flat with a slight uphill gain, then the Arroyo Park section, then back to flat until about 1 1/2 miles from the turnaround.


This race is dog friendly but please keep your dog on a leash and next to you while you run so you don’t trip other participants, your dog does not run off, or get into a fight with other participants and local residents dogs. Please start towards the back of the pack so the folks that want to race can do so without risking getting tripped by a dog or dog leash.


The official start time is 9:00 am.  All runners starting at the official time will be eligible for awards.
The early start time is 8:00.  Runners opting to start early will not be eligible for awards.  Runners starting early are doing so because they expect to finish after the course closure time, if they start at the official time.
Minimum finish times will be given to all early start runners running faster the following times.  If you plan on running faster than these times you need to start at 9:00 am! If you start early you may have to carry your own aid for the 1st 13.1 miles of the race.  Our aid stations leave the Fairhaven Park between 8:00 & 8:30.

1/2 Marathon – 3:00 minimum time 
Marathon – 5:00 minimum time 


Directions to the start: (click on following link & put in your start address for a detailed map)( Fairhaven Park )  I-5 from either north or south to Bellingham, take Old Fairhaven Parkway/Chuckanut Drive exit #250 and go west towards Fairhaven to the second light (12th Street), turn left, go over the bridge (Fairhaven Middle School will be in front of you) after crossing the bridge and while sitting at the light.  When light turns green, turn left again, going past the rose garden (with no roses) to Fairhaven Park entrance.  We will be located in the lower parking lot inside the park.  Parking is limited in this area chances are you will have to park on the hill at Fairhaven Middle School.

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Contact Terry Sentinella for additional information.