Last Chance Course Map

Last Chance 1/2 Marathon & Marathon starts and ends at Fairhaven Park in Bellingham.  The start route and finish route are however a little different.  Participants will start at the crosswalk at the entrance to the park, head east to the 1st driveway on the right, make a right follow to the round-a-bout and head back to the trail, at the next trail junction runners will make a right (remember this spot, when you return you will bypass here and continue to the 2nd left, marked by a large cement post).

Within a 1/2 mile the trail leads to a sidewalk, make a left, follow the sidewalk for about 1 block, after the sidewalk turns to the left, look across the street, and the trail will become evident (remember this section on the way back).  The trail is parallel to Fairhaven Parkway for a mile or so, stay on the trail until almost the end where signs will lead you to a small series of switchbacks, then cross Old Lake Samish Road and into Arroyos Park.  This section is the only single track and double track part of the course, watch for signs, ribbons, and flour marking the turns.

Once leaving Arroyos Park the route is straight forward, it follows an old rail line and big enough for a vehicle.

About 3 or 3.5 miles is the 1st aid station at the corner of the Interurban/Chuckanut Crest Drive.  The turnaround aid station will be about 6.5 miles from the start.  When you get close to the turnaround pay attention.  1st you will see a chain link fence on the left as you are going down a small dip in the trail.  In just a few feet you will see a small trail on the left that you need to take to the turnaround.  If you miss this small trail no worries the trail ends within a few yards at Chuckanut Drive.

The finish route is really straight forward, bypass the 1st trail you got on after the start and continue on the Interurban to the 2nd left.  There is a large cement “Sewer” structure on the left hand side of the trail make a left here and follow to the finish.

 Google Trail Map:

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