Last Chance Aid

Last Chance Marathon Volunteer Aid Station Directions:

Directions to the Start/finish area:
I-5 from either north or south to Bellingham, take Old Fairhaven Parkway/Chuckanut Drive (SR11), exit  #250 (1st Bellingham exit from south, last from north) and go west towards Fairhaven to second light (12th Street), turn left, go over bridge, see Fairhaven Middle School in front of you after crossing bridge and while sitting at the light.  When light turns green, turn left again, going past the rose garden to Fairhaven Park entrance.  We will be located in the lower parking lot inside the park.

Last Chance Start Aid

Directions to 1st Aid Station:
Chuckanut Drive (SR11),, approximately 4 miles south of Bellingham, turn east on Chuckanut Crest Drive.  Aid Station will be located next to the mail boxes on the east side of the Interurban Trail.

Last Chance Mid Aid


Directions to T/A Aid Station:
Chuckanut Drive (SR11), approximately 6.5 miles south of Bellingham, turn east into Larrabee State Park (Clayton Beach parking lot), Discovery Pass required.  Aid Station will be located in the NW corner of the parking lot.  Participants will run along the trail from the interurban to the chain link fence, follow the fence line, and enter the parking lot for aid, then return the way they came in.

Last Chance TA Aid

The Last Chance Marathon & ½ Marathon starts at 9:00 am.  A few early participants will start at 8:00 am, they have been instructed to provide their own aid until you are set up. I would appreciate all volunteers to arrive at the start/finish area by 8:00 am.  The 2 aid stations will have their tent and table set out ahead of time.  We will hand out the water jugs and food bin at the start/finish area by 8:30 so you are able to be at the aid station by 9:00 am.  Please pick up any trash near the trail.  We want to leave the area cleaner than we found it

Thanks for helping out at this year’s race.  Without your help we couldn’t put on this race.  One of our volunteers will sweep the course looking for trash, and assuring all the runners have finished, when this person arrives they will tell you when you can close shop. Please return to the finish for food and festivities after the last runner leaves your aid station.  Give me a call as well so we can pick up your tent, water containers, and other stuff.

Terry Sentinella


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