Group Runs

We hold a group trail trail run every Thursday Night @ 6pm in Anacortes WA or the Deception Pass area. We also join Skagit Runners and Skagit Running Company group training road runs in Mount Vernon on Monday’s & Wednesday’s, 6pm.

We run rain or shine, during the winter months these runs are all headlamp runs, so don’t forget your headlamp or flashlight.  Most of all come prepared for running some fun single track trails, some of the best the NW has to offer!  We always stay together as a group so no one gets lost, trust me at night you will get lost if you don’t know these trails. Sometimes we split up into a few groups, a faster group and a slower group.  We have had a few people in the past decide they “were finished” and left the group without us knowing right away.  If you decide to do this we will ask that you don’t come back (safety 1st), because one of our faster guys will back track on the trail to find you and help you to your car, which means you just messed up their run.  We encourage new runners, we just ask that you have enough faith in yourself to know that you can really do it.  After all we all started out like you and were a little hesitant at first. Time running these trails builds confidence!

Some of our runs will be listed on our Facebook group page “Skagit Ultra Runners” and may not be listed here.

Please check out the calendar below the week prior to the run to see where the next run will be held.  I have also provided directions to the different trail head spots we will meet at.

We also raod runs on Monday & Wednesday nights with Skagit Runners starting at Skagit Running Company.
Skagit Running Company Directions:

Little Mountain Trail Head Directions:
Blanchard Mountain, Chuckanut Drive, Trail Head Directions:
Blanchard Mountain, Lower Parking, I-5 Trail Head Directions:
Blanchard Mountain, Upper Parking, I-5 Trail Head Directions:
Blanchard Mountain, “Top”, I-5 Trail Head Directions:
Anderson Mountain Trail Head Directions:
Northern State Trail Head Directions:
Squires Lake Trail Head Directions:

Heart Lake Trail Head Directions:
Mount Erie Trail Head Directions:
Top of Mount Erie Trail Head Directions:
‘”A” Avenue Trail Head Direction:
Whistle Lake Trail Head Directions:
Cranberry Lake Trail Head Directions:
Anacopper Rd Trail Head Directions:

Deception Pass Bridge Trail Head Directions:
Deception Pass, West Beach Trail Head Directions:
Pass Lake Trail Head Directions:
Sharpe Park Trail Head Directions:
Rosario Beach Trail Head Directions:
Bowmans Bay Trail Head Directions:

If you plan on attending our Tuesday or Thursday night run please send Terry an email, Terry Sentinella