Welcome to Skagit Ultra Runners website.  If you’ve found your way here, you probably know a little bit about us already, but here’s a bit more:

Skagit Ultra Runners is a group of trail runners who are members of the not for profit organization Skagit Runners. Skagit Runners is a group of like minded individuals who enjoy running on the road and trails. Members of Skagit Runners enjoy a variety of different races, come from a variety of different backgrounds and enjoy getting together to just have fun.

Members of Skagit Ultra Runners are those members of Skagit Runners who are, quite frankly, a little bit crazy. They’re the type of people who enjoy running hundred mile races, 50 mile races, 50k’s and the like, but they also enjoy running the smaller races, giving advice to those just starting out, and just being cool dudes.

Skagit Ultra Runners holds two organized trail runs weekly. Tuesday night @ 6pm in Skagit Valley and Thursday night  @ 6pm in Anacortes WA.  Our Tuesday run is normally held at Little Mountain in Mount Vernon, WA. Our Thursday meeting place is usually at Heart Lake.  We run all year long wearing headlamps during the winter months, maybe jump in Whistle Lake in the hot summer months.  If you would like to join us send Terry Sentinella an email, sometimes we change it up and start at Blanchard Mountain, Stewart Mountain, Deception Pass or one of the other ACFL trail heads.

Now that we have that out of the way, I hope you’ll enjoy the new website.  All the links on top of this page will provide you with access to information regarding our races.  The Registration links will take you to Databar Events or Ultrasignup where you can register online for any of the races we hold.